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leaders who set and score professional and personal goals

Marty Nevshemal has competed and driven himself to set and achieve high goals throughout his lifetime. As a young soccer athlete he drove himself and his team mates to excellence. That mindset continued as a Marine Corps intelligence officer where he through himself into his work as a member of infantry battalion staff to help the commander employ his Marines wisely. Marty transitioned to corporate life by completing his MBA in Finance and working in numerous Finance leadership positions and executive positions at Sprint's Worldwide Headquarters for 16 years. He has returned to the love of his youth in his present assignment as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Sporting Kansas City, Major League Soccer. Marty has also authored an in-depth book on military history on a World War II battle on Europe's Eastern Front, "Objective Ponyri! The Defeat of XXXXI Panzerkorps at Ponyri Train Station." Marty Nevshemal has an incredible career and story that will inspire all leaders seeking leadership tools from a successful professional.



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