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pain killers effects with dr. brad willits - owner, mission wellness.

Updated: Nov 27, 2017

Dr. Brad Willits, owner of Mission Wellness in Mission, Kansas has been in practice since 1988. His career has allowed him to treat and heal countless patients suffering from acute and chronic pain throughout their bodies. Dr. Willits is a special guest in episodes 9 and 10 where he discusses the minor benefits of opioids along with the growing minor and major negative effects of opioids ranging from constipation to addiction and suicide. The opioid issue has become an epidemic across America and especially in our veteran community. Please share the podcast or YouTube channel link to help others learn of this plague.

Additionally, in episode 9, Dr. Willits discusses the causes and cures of inflammation in the human body in conjunction with the risks of self-treatment of certain bodily pains.


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