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ABOUT fred

Passionate About Inspiring People to Grow

Fred is a retired Marine who served as an enlisted Marine and as an officer. He led Force Reconnaissance Marines and Raiders in Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Oman.

His background includes:

  • 26 years as a United States Marine.

  • 10 years in command of elite Marine Corps units.

  • 6 overseas deployments aboard US Navy ships.

  • 6 years stationed overseas.

  • 5 combat deployments.

  • 2 overseas assignments as an Operations Officer.

  • 2 assignments as a Component and Force Training Officer.

  • 2 Marines in his command Wounded In Action.

  • 0 Marines Killed In Action or in training in his command.

  • Commanded the Marine Corps' first Special Operations Task Force in combat.

  • Instructor at the Marine Corps' equivalent course of TOP GUN.

  • Trained and/or operated with military forces from 71 countries.

  • Current consultant for an Agency providing Influence Operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The day after Fred's military retirement he returned to Kansas and created a small business as the principal, while completing a resident MBA program, he also served as the executive director of a 100% to program charity serving widows and their children of American Armed Forces Service Members who were Killed In Action.

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